​​​​The Bridge Ministry

Helping men overcome life controlling issues

Our Purpose

The Bridge Ministry works in Central Virginia to transform the lives of troubled men and their families through a faith-based program grounded on the tenets of historic Christianity, and to provide the mentoring, skills, and relationships they need to “bridge” the gap from bondage to productive community and family life.

Our History

When the program's founder, William Washington, was serving a long-term sentence in a regional jail, he found the motivation and ability to change his life through the ministry of Good News Jail and Prison Ministry.  Since 1996, under the guidance of a board of directors comprised of local community leaders, The Bridge Ministry has been providing a second chance for men who are committed to breaking free from life controlling issues.

Students, Cost and Support
The Bridge is a community service ministry that works with troubled, incarcerated, and newly released men by helping them back into their community to live productive lives.  Students are required to pay an initial $600 processing fee and a monthly tuition fee of $200. Our work is supported by a combination of donations from individuals and churches, as well as grants from community and private foundations. Since we are a 501(c)(3) organization, all contributions to The Bridge Ministry are tax deductible. If you have questions, or would like to help support The Bridge Ministry, please contact us.

Jail Ministry- Phase 1
The Bridge Ministry has working relationships with correctional facilities across the country, and also works with judges to provide an alternative to incarceration.  Because of these relationships, The Bridge Ministry is invited to set up programs within these facilities and prepare men to enter our program.

Buckingham Campus- Phase 2

The Bridge operates a retreat center in Buckingham County that can accommodate 45 men who struggle with life-controlling issues. During the eighteen-month program, men receive character building instruction, job training, drug counseling and teaching on practical Bible application. The schedule is highly structured and teaches the students important life skills they need to live a productive life.

Intern House, Charlottesville- Phase 3

A select few of our students, who successfully complete 12 months of the program at our Buckingham facility, are offered the privilege of moving into our Charlottesville Intern House for the last six months of the program. There, the men develop ties with the local community, find employment, and receive further training in practical life skills.

The Bridge Ministry Curriculum

The Bridge Ministry curriculum is designed around several proven programs and our 25+ years of experience that address the most important issues men must master to succeed in life.

Our goal is to see men excel in the following six areas:

     1. Personal Growth —getting to know the root cause of drug abuse and addiction through one-on-one and group

                                           drug counseling

     2. Life Application Skills — acquiring practical skills on how to live productively in society

     3. Anger Management — learning to recognize and control anger issues

     4. Spiritual Development —understanding how a relationship with God can help men live successfully

     5. Job Training Skillslearning practical job skills and applying them in the work place

     6. Relationship Skills —learning how to live with other people in a way that is meaningful and healthy