​​​​The Bridge Ministry

Helping men overcome life controlling issues

​​​Applying to The Bridge

Who May Come
Students at The Bridge Ministry come from a variety of backgrounds—some from the streets, some from incarceration and some from families experiencing life controlling issues. Once here, they quickly realize that those differences are small compared to their common need to deal openly and honestly with their issues.

Acceptable candidates for The Bridge Ministry are men eighteen years or older who are struggling with life-controlling issues and are seeking answers to help them live a productive life. They must understand they are coming into a Christian faith-based program, agree to abide by our rules and policies as expressed in the Student Handbook, and be willing to commit to an eighteen-month program. 

All pending legal issues must be settled before acceptance is granted. 

In addition to an initial processing fee, all students are required to pay a monthly tuition fee of $200. 

We also require the following
     – Two copies of current identification
             birth certificate, driver's license, or identification card
     – A complete criminal history
     – Certified medical test results for HIV, tuberculosis, and hepatitis A, B, and C
     – A $600, non-refundable, processing fee - This must be paid before the student enters into the program.  This will only be refunded if the student does not come into the program.
     – Funds to cover the price of a bus ticket from Buckingham, Virginia to the student’s place of origin

The Bridge Ministry will not accept anyone convicted of a violent charge such as murder, repeated malicious wounding, armed robbery, etc. or any pending sexual charges.

We also cannot accept applicants with an illness or disability that requires continuous medication, medical supervision, or which prevents them from full participation in the program.

Download Documents
If you or someone you know would be interested in applying to our program, download the
Application and Student Handbook or fill out our online application. Fill out the application form and mail to The Bridge Ministry;  3054 Dixie Hill Road; Buckingham, VA 23921; Fax: 434-969-5159.  APPLICANT (NOT FAMILY, FRIENDS, OR ATTORNEY) MUST FILL OUT APPLICATION.

Legal Justice Info
If you work with the legal justice system, please download our “Guide for Legal Professionals.”