​​​​The Bridge Ministry

Helping men overcome life controlling issues through faith 

Ongoing Needs For Students 
Toothpaste                        Bars of Soap (no liquid)
Deodorant (no Axe, Old Spice, or anything with a strong scent) 

Shampoo                          Razors
Shaving cream                 Pillows
Twin size bed sheets        Twin size comforters
Bath Towels                      Washcloths
Men’s clothing and shoes (new or gently used)
Books for the library

Alpha Dorm - living space for men who are in the beginning stages of the program on the Buckingham campus.
    22 Mattresses @ $100        $2,200
    Roof                                     $5,700

Omega Dorm - living space for men who have completed the first part of the Bridge Ministry program and have shown responsibility and growth.
    10 Mattresses @ $100         $1,000
    16 Doors @ $170                 $2,720
    16 Locks for Doors @ $50    $800
    Awnings                                $1,300
    Epoxy                                   $500

Administrative Office Building - We would like to build an administrative building across from the main gate.  This will allow the administrative office to move out of the dormitory.  It will have two offices and a conference room.  This project will also provide vocational training to our students as it is being built.
    Architectural Planning            $10,000
    Building Supplies/Materials    $45,000
    Office Furniture                      $5,500  

Specific Donation Opportunities
There are always many ongoing projects at the Bridge Ministry.  Let us know what you would like to support with your donations!

You are also always welcome to make a tax-deductible donation of vehicles, lawn mowers, weed eaters, chainsaws, etc!

Industrial Washer and Dryer - We need an oversized industrial washer and dryer to minimize the environmental impact of washing needs of the men living at our Buckingham facility.
    2 Washer/Dryer Units @ $6,400          $12,800
    Rework Electrical in Laundry Room     $800

Auto Mechanic and Body Shop - This is not only a training opportunity for the students, but can also bring in a significant source of income for the program as the Bridge works to become more self-sustainable.
    Exhaust Pipe Bender        $11,350
    Part-Time Instructor          $25,000
    Automotive Paint              $15,000
    Automotive Tools              $15,000
    Lawn Care Equipment      $12,000

Kitchen Equipment - We would like to upgrade our kitchen appliances
    Commercial Double Oven    $2,306 - purchased!
    Commercial Freezer            $4,120
    Commercial Grill                  $852
    Commercial Fryer                $534 - purchased!

AED Devices - We would like to place these units throughout the campus.  All of our staff members will be trained to properly use the devices.
    5 Devices @ $1,259        $6,295
    Training                           $500

Passenger Van - The Bridge is looking to purchase a passenger van.  This van will be used to transport students to and from vocational training opportunities.  

      Van                    $30,000