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Bridge Manufacturing Outsource Services (BMOS)

Bridge Manufacturing Outsourcing Services offers many benefits to customers.  Manufacturing flexibility, reduction of raw materials, WIP and inventory, better utilization of floor space and resources, reduction of overhead, just-in-time delivery of components, labor reduction, improved utilization of the internal work force, and reduced cost of capital are just some of the benefits achieved from outsourcing common assembly tasks.

Some of the current and past opportunities that the Bridge has had are:

  • Constructing cables for Dominion Energy, the U.S. Navy, and Automation Industrial Services
  • ​Assembling vacuum cleaners for National Optronics and DAC Vision

If your company would like to talk to us about a manufacturing and/or assembly opportunity, please contact William Washington or Ellie Craddock at bridgeministryva@gmail.com or (434) 969-2991.