​​​​The Bridge Ministry

Helping men overcome life controlling issues

Please read all requirements, rules and regulations, and the Student Handbook before completing the application.  Along with this application, you will also need to send us your complete criminal history and fill out the Resident Contract.  


The Bridge Ministry Online Application

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS                                         

  • Acceptable candidates for The Bridge Ministry are men 18 years or older who are struggling with life-controlling issues and are seeking answers to help them live a productive life. They must understand they are coming into a Christian faith-based program, understand our policies, and be willing to commit to an 18-month program.    
  • Read and understand the Student Handbook.
  • Personal interviews are required for every applicant.                         
  • Applications more than sixty days old are no longer valid. Applicant must submit a completely new application, including results from re-administered medical tests, etc.


  • Provide two copies of a current, official identification (driver’s license, Social Security card, military ID, or current passport) with this application and present the original to The Bridge Ministry staff upon entry into the program.
  • Submit two photographs that are no more than sixty days old and no larger than 3x5 inches. These are for identification purposes and will not be returned. Polaroid and passport photographs are acceptable.

All legal matters must be settled before acceptance.

  • Provide a complete criminal history and/or presentence report.
  • The Bridge Ministry will not accept anyone convicted of, or with pending charges for, the following crimes: robbery (special consideration will be given after details are made available); sexual crimes of any kind; possession of a firearm or assault with a weapon; murder; attempt to kill; malicious wounding; and/or multiple assault charges. In certain situations, specific charges with mitigating circumstances can be discussed. A photograph of the applicant and a copy of official identification will be sent to the Buckingham County Sheriff’s Department.                   


  • We cannot accept applicants with an illness or disability that requires continuous medication or medical supervision, or which prevents them from full participation in the program.
  • All applicants must submit certified medical test results for HIV, tuberculosis, and hepatitis A, B, and C. These results should be sent directly from the medical institution performing these tests. In special circumstances to be approved by the Executive Director, an individual may be allowed on the facility without prior health screening. In this case, the applicant is required to pay a non-refundable $350 fee by cashier’s check or money order to cover the cost of these tests.


  • A $600, non-refundable processing fee is required for all applicants applying to the Bridge Ministry. A cashier’s check should be made payable to The Bridge Ministry. The processing fee is non-refundable.
  • The Bridge Ministry program is $200.00 per month. Payments must be made each month by check or money order payable to The Bridge Ministry. Contract must be submitted with application. Also, the student must bring a cashier's check, or money order to cover bus ticket from Buckingham, VA, to the student's place of origin. If not used will be returned to student upon completion of program.            

General Information
The Bridge Ministry operates on Christian principles and procedures. Our guidelines are meant to ensure and maintain high standards and a Christian atmosphere for those coming from backgrounds of substance abuse and other life-controlling problems. If a student is able to comply with these program procedures, there is little reason why he should not successfully complete the program. All rules, regulations, policies, and procedures are subject to change at the discretion of the Executive Director. Students will be informed of any changes as they occur. Refusal or failure to comply with these guidelines and standards will result in disciplinary measures or dismissal from The Bridge Ministry.      

Applicants need to understand that The Bridge Ministry is a program only for those with a serious interest and commitment to change. Privileges and responsibilities—including passes and visits—will be granted based on success in the program. Here are a few of our regulations.

  • No possession of alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs of any kind.  Drug testing may be done at any time.    
  • No physical or verbal abuse, including horseplay, arguing, name calling, and cursing.    
  • No flirting or holding long conversations with members of the opposite sex.    
  • Staff may inspect student rooms at any time and without notice. Rooms are to be kept neat and clean at all times.    
  • Contact with those outside the ministry is limited to three immediate family members on an approved list. Students may not receive incoming personal calls.    
  • Chores, duties, and work assignments are to be performed daily or as staff requires.    
  • Students must obtain permission to go anywhere on The Bridge Ministry premises.    
  • Students must be on time for all activities: meals, classes, work duties, etc.    
  • Personal hygiene (shower, brushing teeth, etc.) is required daily. Hair must not exceed top of collar. Mustaches may not extend below the upper lip. No beards are permitted.    
  • If a student leaves the premises without authorization from the Executive Director, he will be dismissed from The Bridge Ministry program.    
  • Students may be asked to help generate income for The Bridge Ministry through unpaid labor. They will also be required to participate in normal day-to-day chores that are necessary for the operation and upkeep of the Buckingham facility.    
  • If upon entry to the program a student is on heroin or alcohol, the student will have to quit without benefit of medication. If hospitalization is necessary, The Bridge Ministry will arrange for and/or provide transportation.                            
  • Our rules, regulations, policies, and guidelines are more completely explained in our Student Handbook, which every student is required to read and understand prior to admission. The Student Handbook will also help give the potential student an idea of our daily schedule and what to expect when they arrive.