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Listen anywhere to this practical and inspiring guide on overcoming addictive behavior by William W. Washington, Jr. Three CDs in one convenient package.

Listen anywhere to the inspiring autobiography of William W. Washington, Jr. Three CDs in one convenient package.


PEOPLE, PLACES AND THINGS—a guide to overcoming addictive behavior

Whatever the cause, however we got here, we can find ourselves caught up in an addiction so deeply that we cannot gather the energy to escape it. But
I have some news for you: If there was a way into it, there is a way out of it.

For over two decades, William Washington has been helping drug and alcohol addicts get to the root cause of their addictive behavior. In this important book he shares practical steps to not only overcome addiction, but to live free from its bondage.

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​​HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENTan autobiography

“Walking over to the medicine cabinet, I opened each bottle and swallowed every single pill they contained. Then I went to the gas cooking stove and blew the pilot light out. Putting a sheet over my head, I inhaled all the gas I possibly could until I couldn't stand it any more. Just before I passed out I said to myself—but out loud, ‘Thank God it's over’.”

But it wasn't over! As a tribute to God's incredible grace, William Washington founded the Bridge Ministry to help bring freedom to men and their families trapped in the slavery of life-controlling behavior.

After reading William's story you'll understand why he's so eager to tell everyone God's grace is sufficient for whatever problem you may face.